Registration Info

How To Register As A Team

Have your team captain register your team first.

By completing your team information online, your team captain can temporarily reserve your team name. In order to guarantee your team a spot, each member must submit the online forms and donation. Have your captain confirm your desired team name is still available and register your team to reserve your name before the rest of the team completes their forms.

Please Have your Team Captain Complete the Team Registration Form

Know who your team captain is.

Although we recognize that some teams may want to share the role and responsibilities of being a captain, for the purposes of registering your team properly, select only one official team captain. When completing a form, you will be asked for the email of your team captain. They will receive a confirmation email that you have completed the form, so make sure their email is correct. In addition, please tell your team captain your t-shirt size because they will submit that information for the entire team.

Take your time.

Read each question carefully and check for typos. Information that must be corrected makes proper registration of you and your team more difficult.

Fill out all of the required forms.

Submit your team donations.

This year, there is no set donation amount per team but instead each member of a team (regardless of number of participants) is responsible for donating $40. The donations for your team should be submitted by your team captain to Mr. Bartos in room 211. No form of payment besides checks will be accepted this year. Checks may be made payable to "Chelmsford 24 Hour Relay Challenge, Inc". If possible, please submit your team's entire donation in one check.

Submit your CORI forms.

Each team must have at least two coaches present at their site at all times. Because many coaches will wish to rotate shifts, we recommend having more than two coaches. Team captains will submit the contact information for the team coaches when they register the team. In addition, each coach must complete a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) form. Scroll down for additional CORI Info.


The state’s Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) has provided important information regarding new CORI form submissions:

  • The new form is double sided. The individual, or 'CORI subject', must sign and date the form on the bottom of page 1. The CORI form must have the individual’s original signature – no scanned or photocopied signatures. As per the DCJIS website, "All CORI Acknowledgement Forms must have a "wet" signature."
  • You need only fill out the portions of page 2 that are starred. These are: First and Last Name, Date of Birth, Last 6 digits of Social Security Number, and current address.
  • You must be present to submit the form and have your identity verified. We cannot accept a CORI form and copy of the ID without the individual being present. Please do not send in any CORI forms with team captains.
  • We understand that this new procedure creates additional imposition on your time. In order to help assist you in this process, you may bring your CORI and a copy of your ID to Mr. Matthew Bartos or Ms. Tammy Leary of Hawthorne House.
  • We will be hosting a CORI form submission meeting on Thursday, April 25th and Monday, April 29th from 6:00 - 7:30 PM in the Career Center at CHS. Please remember to bring the completed CORI form as well as your ID.

If you have any further questions about the CORI process, please contact Karen Berglund, HR Assistant at X6939 or [email protected]

As an Individual

If you are signing up as an individual then you will have a simplified registration form to fill out so we can know your t-shirt size, whether or not you want to be a part of the volleyball tournament, and if you are staying for 12 or 24 hours! You also are required to fill out the Health Form and the Rules and Waiver Form. With both of those forms where it says “Team Name” put “Individual” and skip the two questions that say “Team Captain Name” and “Team Captain Email”.

Fill out all required forms.

Health Form, Rules and Waivers, Individual Registration Form

Take your time.

Read each question carefully and check for typos. Information that must be corrected makes proper registration of you and your team more difficult.

Submit your donation

If you are signing up to stay for the 24 hours then you are responsible for donating $40. If you are signing up to stay for the 12 hours then you are responsible for donating $20.No form of payment besides checks will be accepted this year. Checks may be made payable to "Chelmsford 24 Hour Relay Challenge, Inc".

Coaches and Captains

  1. Coaches must be a parent or teacher. (No siblings)
  2. Two coaches must be present at the campsite at all times.
  3. Coaches and captains must hold team meeting(s) to go over all information contained on the relay website.
  4. All coaches must fill out a CORI (criminal offender record information) form. This form can be found at the bottom of this page or the Online Registration page.
  5. Captains must ensure all team members complete the online Rules & Waiver and Health Forms.
  6. All coaches and captains are required to attend at least one of the coaches’ and captains’ meetings. The meetings will be held at Chelmsford High School.
  7. Coaches must hand out bracelets, direct the setup of campsites, preparation of food, etc.
  8. Coaches must ensure there is no alcohol, drugs, or tobacco at their team's campsite.
  9. Once grounds are closed to the public, coaches are responsible for making sure all visitors leave their team's campsite after 10:00 pm. Only team members and coaches are allowed to stay over night.
  10. Captains must keep the walking rotation going at all times.
  11. Team members must remain at the relay for the entire 24 hours. Only students with prior approval may leave the relay. These students will need to sign out and sign back in with their coaches.

Team Creation Steps

  1. Gather a group of 8-14 your friends, if there are more than 12 people in your friend group then split into two teams if there aren't enough to do that then request to have more team members.
  2. Get creative! Make a team name and a banner to represent it, in the past some favorites have been the Rob Lowe team where everyone dressed up as different versions of Rob Lowe or the Super Cereal team who came up with creative superhero cereal pun combos for each individual team member (i.e. Loki Charms, Thorios) and then made a banner out with the name of their team made of individual pieces of cereal. It doesn't have to be funny either! In the past we have also had teams that choose a movie to base their team off of or a theme like beach day.
  3. Select a team captain from your friends or multiple, just choose the most responsible ones. Those people will have to organize team meetings, t-shirts, parent volunteers, CORI information for parent volunteers, the money each team member needs to pay, team information/forms, and what every team member will bring the day of. This is a lot of work so I suggest anyone on the team should be as supportive and helpful as possible so that this process is easier and less dramatic.
  4. Have everyone on your team fill out registration and health forms. This can get a little complicated so set a date for your team to have the forms filled out. These forms are actually extremely easy to fill out and should take under thirty minutes to complete individually, the only part that tends to get difficult is the communication part.
  5. Design and order t-shirts from any website of your choosing, in the past we have also had many teams personally make them.
  6. Make a spreadsheet with time stamps for every two hours (or more or even less, but we recommend every two hours) of the relay. Email all the team participant's parents requesting information about when they would prefer to volunteer as a chaperone for. Multiple parents will need to take shifts overnight, so unfortunately not all parents will be able to receive the general time of day they prefer. Top priority goes to parents with other commitments who actually can't do certain times. If you are a parent reading this, please be willing to do some hours others may not want but if you have other engagements then please inform the captain of them so you do not get scheduled for an overlapping time slot.
  7. Make a spreadsheet for every item that needs to be brought for the relay including food and individual items. You are welcome to order or make food for the relay, but it is also important to have snacks (not all junk food). Send the spreadsheet to all your friends or their parents and make sure everyone signs up and all the necessary items are being brought.
  8. Show up the day of at 7:30 a.m. to set up and have fun!