Join a Team!

A relay like you’ve never seen before! As always you can register with a team of 8-14 members, but this year you can also register as an individual! If you sign up as an individual you can choose to sign up for 12 hours or the full 24 hours of the relay. For more information as to what registering as an individual entails, scroll down. We understand that it is a very scary and strange time we’re living in right now so we are trying to be as flexible and understanding as possible. If you need to leave the relay at any time just let us know beforehand and if there is some type of emergency the day of we completely understand. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]



We at LIME are always looking for volunteers for the relay. These volunteers are essential to help run the score table, count t-shirts, and overall just keep the day running smoothly. Please contact [email protected] to volunteer for this years relay.

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More about Registering as an Individual

This option is avaialable for those who want to participate in the relay, but they do not have a team. If you register as an individual throughout the day you can hangout at the campsite for other people who signed up as individuals or you can hangout at another team’s campsite if you have friends on that team or you can hangout at the LIME team campsite, we’re a friendly bunch that will welcome you with open arms.

As an individual, you are the only people that can register for either the full 24 hours or only the first 12 hours. Here’s more information on the difference between the two:

  • Stays for the first 12 hours approximately (Get there at like 8:45 am have to leave at 10 pm)
  • Can participate in all the day activities.
  • Can hangout in the Individual’s Campsite, a friends’ team campsite, or the LIME Campsite.
  • Pays a minimum donation of $20.
  • Stays for the full 24 Hours (Get there at approximately 8:45 am and leave the next morning)
  • Can participate in all the day and night activities.
  • Can hangout in a friends’ team campsite during the day, but have to stay in the Individual’s Campsite at night.
  • Pays a minimum donation of $40.